Air Conditioning Analysis

When Should You Seek an Air Conditioning Analysis?

Almost any home or office can benefit considerably from an air conditioning analysis if you haven’t had one in the past few years. If you are experiencing any of these items, you definitely would benefit from receiving an analysis:

  • Your utility bills are spiking higher than normal
  • Your home or business isn’t comfortable enough, but you don’t need HVAC repair
  • You feel that your system runs all the time, with what seems like minimal returns on comfort
  • Spaces or rooms in your home or commercial building are too cold or too warm
  • You lack appropriate amounts of insulation in your home or business, and you feel drafts frequently

Air Conditioning Analysis are invaluable for maximizing comfort while reducing overall energy costs! This analysis addresses the problem areas that utilize too much energy or areas that need to be improved with moderate changes.

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The AC Energy Evaluation Process

To begin with, a professional AC performance evaluation is conducted by a qualified technician trained to locate, evaluate and quantify the different elements that impact comfort, performance and energy conservation. First, we listen to you regarding the symptoms you are experience in your home or business.

Next, our HVAC professional uses advanced tools and equipment to identify air leaks, drafts, hot spots and air pressure issues. Special attention is paid to the cooling equipment, which is thoroughly inspected, tested and calibrated. We measure airflow, including temperature, humidity levels, and air quality.

After the information gathering, inspection and analysis, we will move forward to adjust and balance your air flow in the interior of your home or business to fix any of these potential issues:

  • Clean evaporator coil
  • Recharge AC system refrigerant
  • Adjust fan speeds if necessary
  • Seal duct leaks which is common
  • Add the correct sized return ducts and grill
  • Adjust filtration for more airflow

Benefits of an analysis

An air conditioning analysis can bring about many positive changes in your home or business which will improve your overall comfort and in the process reduce the costs of maintaining your home. The benefits of your analysis include:

Improved home comfort

An AC analysis will locate air leaks and inadequate insulation in your home, both of which directly affect how well your home retains heating and cooling from your HVAC system, and rectifying any issues can lead to demonstrable improvements in home comfort.

Reduced costs

With an energy analysis you can analyze your home or business energy use to find the issue(s) which impacts overall energy use and the monthly and yearly costs.

In a typical home, your HVAC system accounts for approximately 50 percent of the total annual power consumption. Therefore, the Air Conditioning Analysis will improve your equipment’s performance.

Increased marketability

If you are selling your home in the future, improving your home’s energy efficiency will promote better market values for your home, making it more appealing to potential future buyers.

Increased home safety

An Air Conditioning Analysis is a great opportunity to check for common home problems like wiring issues, mold, etc. Checking these items will help you improve the safety of your home by eliminating problems long before they grow into permanent, structurally-compromising ones.

Air Conditioning Analysis with Veterans HVAC

Our Air Conditioning Analysis provides you with a superior solution to meet your higher quality of life in your home or office while also lowering your energy costs. Ready to address high energy costs? Call us today.

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