February 17, 2020
home cooling unit

What Type of Home Cooling Unit Is Most Efficient?

Efficiency is a tricky term but, most often it refers to how much energy is used by an electrical appliance. The more energy-efficient the item is […]
March 9, 2020
heat pumps

Are Heat Pumps More Efficient Than Regular HVAC Units?

Let’s face it, it’s hot here in Florida the majority of the year. So, why would you want a heat pump over a traditional HVAC system? […]
March 25, 2020
freon gas

Is Freon Gas Still Used as Refrigerant in Air Conditioners?

In the past, air conditioners used chemical refrigerants to function. As the technology has been enhanced we have moved past this method but older models are […]
April 13, 2020
ac energy evaluation

What Are the Benefits of an AC Energy Evaluation?

Here in the South, you deal with both swelteringly hot summer seasons and cold winters. Having an energy-efficient heating & cooling system in your home can […]